Single arcH Greenhouse

Our SINGLE ARCH Greenhouses offer the following:

Benefits & Features

  • Best seller!
  • High Sidewalls 6-8 ft
  • Large space for operations
  • high greenhouse utilization rate
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • well distributed lights
  •  Strong Winds And Pressure Resistance
  •  weather resistant design
  •  Film | Corrugated Metal Options
  • Best Value For General Purpose And New Growers
  • Anti-Drip Function
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Very Sturdy And Durable
  • good light transmittance
  • Sealed with industry's best 12 Mil woven poly
  • beautiful design
  • double frame triple layer Compatible
  • Light Deprivation | Shading Options
Light Dep Cooling Pad

Multi-Span Greenhouse

Our MULTI-SPAN Greenhouses offer the following:

Benefits & Features

  • Large-Span Apex/Gable | Hoop Options
  • Large space for operations
  • high greenhouse utilization rate
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • well distributed indoor lights
  • low heat consumption
  •  Strong Winds And Pressure Resistance
  •  Film | Polycarbonate Panel | glass options
  • Anti-Drip Function
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Strudy And Durable
  • good light transmittance through glass
  • tightly Sealed
  • Great heat preservation
  • beautiful design
  • Light Deprivation | Shade Cloth Options
Multispan Greenhouse 2
Multi Span Glass Greenhouse 03
Commercial Greenhouses Covers
Multi-Span Glass Greenhouse Cover

Film Greenhouse

Our FILM Greenhouses offer the following:

Benefits & Features

Our film greenhouses are mainly designed for the production of flowers, vegetables and seedlings. They can also be used to cover various materials and equipment according to different cultivation environments and economic conditions.

We build film greenhouses that can withstand strong winds and snow while providing excellent drainage capacities. They can be used in different climate regions due to their strong adaptability. 

Most film greenhouses are rounded at the top, and are built with the roof and surrounding areas covered with the selected films. They generally have a large span structure and offer spacious indoor convenient farming operations. They are the perfect low-cost solutions for building and developing a modern, efficient and automated farm business. 

Large growers have the options of building one massive structure called a multi-span or the more economical options would be to build many separated sing span structures. 

  • Low Cost solution 
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • well distributed lights
  • Multi-Span | Single-Span Options
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Lightweight and Sturdy
  • Decently Sealed
  • Many Selections of Film to choose from
  • Ask for our 12 Mil woven Plastic
Film Greenhouse 01
Film Greenhouse 04
Film Greenhouse Drainage
Film Greenhouse 05
Film Greenhouse 03
Film Greenhouse 06
Film Greenhouse 07
Film Greenhouse 08

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Our SUNLIGHT Greenhouses offer the following:

Benefits & Features

Sunlight greenhouses provide optimal daylight and heating. They can be built and configured with modern agricultural facilities including internal and external shading, skylight side window ventilation, water cooling, boiler fan heater heating, CO2 gas, filling light, fertigation, and more.

Our sunlight greenhouses are visually appealing, lightweight, durable, and impact resistant. Each of our sunlight greenhouses are covered with UV coating and 10+ years of anti aging performance shielding. The main structure of our sunlight greenhouses uses cold rolled, high frequency welded pipes, which are hot dipped galvanized after welding~ ensuring great anti-corrosion performance.

  • Most insulated - Multi-wall paneling
  • Shatter & Rip resistant
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • well distributed lights
  • Easy Attachment Addons
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Lightweight and strudy
  • Well Sealed
  • Beautiful Design
  • Light Deprivation | Shade Cloth Options
Sunlight Greenhouse
Sunlight Greenhouse 08
Sunlight Greenhouse 09
Sunlight Greenhouse 10
Sunlight Greenhouse 01
Sunlight Greenhouse 02
Sunlight Greenhouse 03
Sunlight Greenhouse 04
Sunlight Greenhouse 05
Sunlight Greenhouse 06

glass Greenhouse

Our GLASS Greenhouses offer the following:

Benefits & Features

Our long lasting glass greenhouses offer excellent light transmittance. They are good choices for customers located in areas with exposure to low light, geothermal energy and power station waste-heat. 

Our glass greenhouses are built with welded and hot dipped galvanized steel skeletons. All cover materials are made of high quality float glass, with light transmittance of greater than 97% Specialized aluminum is used for the greenhouse roofs and surrounding areas.

Automatic control can be set up for our glass greenhouses to utilize ancillary equipment consisting of a heating system ( heater heating or water heating), internal and external screen system, fan and water cooling system, CO2 compensatory system, lighting system and spray, drip irrigation and fertilization system, sprinkler system, computer integrated control system, and more.

  • Long lasting 
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Highest Light Transmittance
  • Easy Attachment Addons
  • Recreational flower Centers
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Specialized aluminum roof
  • Well Sealed
  • Very Beautiful Design
  • Light Deprivation | Shade Cloth Options
glass greenhouse 01
glass greenhouse 02
glass greenhouse 03


Modern greenhouse controllers and sensors keeps up with any environmental changes to keep your crop at a optimum growing environment- all day- everyday.

Just Relax.

Get real-time energy use and track run-time on greenhouse heating and cooling equipment with our easy-to-use controller system. Our controllers offers eight different outputs for fans, heaters, vents, irrigation, shade curtains (blackout curtains), and more – with Cloud access from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone.

Advance + Efficient
Water Cooling Pad

The Most Energy Efficient way to Cool your Greenhouse! 
Too Hot? Just chill. Simply turn on the Cooling Pad or have our climate controllers automatically do it for you!

GHM Proprietary Cooling

GreenhouseMax proprietary cooling pad - easily and quickly lowers any desert temperatures while also increasing Humidity to desired levels. 

Leaving the Cooling Pad off with the Exhaust Fans on will Dehumidify the entire greenhouse. Win-Win Technology to keep your crops in Perfect Growing and Budding conditions. 

Water Wall for Cooling Green House

Customer Reviews:


Perfect Investment

Our investment group decided to give GreenhouseMax a try. We were really amazed to see how well the final product came out, we had to order many more. Their prices were already the best, but their product was also superior to all other companies that we compared with. Actually, what was amazing was the speed and quality they built the greenhouse. Our in-house engineers also approved. Thank you GreenhouseMAX!

Dana Powell - Investor - Colorado

Great Company

This is a great company I have ever worked with. I’ll definitely choose them again, and highly recommend them.

David Ellenwood - California

Thank you!

Appreciate your good work. It exceeds my expectation

John Mu - Texas

Top Quality. Best Value.

It's at the price point where it’s affordable for anybody, somebody just getting started, but it’s also at the top level of quality where you really get the best of both price and quality.

Jim Forton - Owner Operator- New Arc Green Ranch

Why Everyone Chooses GreenhouseMax

  • Internationally Trusted by Cultivators Worldwide
  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers all over the World
  • 82.5% Customers- Order Again or Introduce Friends 
  • Over 20+ Years Experience
  • Precision Engineering Team - Customize Your Order
  • Durable and Long Lasting Design
  • Professionally Manufactured In Our Facilities
  • Globally Shipped - to Your Land
  • Pro Team - Fastest Builders in the Industry
  • GHM- We Build it for You - On Your Land.
light deprivation greenhouse open
Water Wall for Cooling Green House

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